Breezy Days: The Story of Us: Waiting {Part 18}


July 22, 2013

The Story of Us: Waiting {Part 18}

The month of March consisted of me bugging Ryan about the proposal. How was I expected to plan a wedding when I don't even have a ring on my finger?! I have the dress, the temple, reception location, colors...but was just missing one thing. If we actually came out in the open and announced to everyone that we had already planned on getting married that August without a ring on my finger? Definitely would come off as a little cuckoo! 

Indignantly I told Ryan that if we were to get married this summer, that we needed to take pictures for invitations, like now. He kept on putting me off saying that he was waiting for a "perfect time" to propose. Obviously it wasn't soon enough for my wedding planning schedule!
Back in California my mom received a phone call from the dermatologist's office, they called needing to relay some information about the mole sample they took while at my appointment a few weeks prior. It came back positive for melanoma. They insisted that I get into surgery right away. My mom explained that I was currently living in Utah and was finishing up my Winter semester and that it would have to wait a few more weeks. It was planned that the week before finals I would have the surgery to extract the cancer from my body.

At the time I honestly didn't think twice about the surgery because I was so preoccupied with school and wedding details. I had previously had a mole removed off my back because it came back as carcinoma, also a type of skin cancer but not as dangerous as melanoma. I was under the impression that this upcoming surgery would be similar: about 20 minutes, a few stitches, and out of there by lunch! Now it was time to play the waiting game...for the ring, the wedding, and to find out how big of a deal this surgery really was.


Amberly said...

I was so awful about bugging my husband when I wanted my ring :) It was great!


Harley said...


Anonymous said...

I love reading these little posts about you two!

Rebekah said...

Cliffhanger!!!! I'm dying to know what happened next!

Bree said...

Hahaha I did the sameeeeee thing. We were like, oh we're gonna get married around this time.

Waiting for the proposal.



Finallyyyy gahhh!!!!!! Cue Bree crying and squealing and apologizing for getting impatient. :D

katilda said...

Ok you left me so much love on instagram and i came to poke around and MUST READ PARTS 1-17 LIKE NOW!