Breezy Days: {Tuesday's} Letters


July 9, 2013

{Tuesday's} Letters

I know this is usually a Friday link-up on The Sweet Season blog, but I figured...what the heck. Let's put it out there on a Tuesday night cause I don't feel like waiting 'till this weekend :)

Dear Essie Polish,
Not gonna lie...I'm not a huge fan. You are so runny and obnoxious to paint with but your color options are so tempting! I guess I'll always stay a OPI girl.

Dear Travel Bug,
Oooohhh have you been itching me! I've just been dying to take a cruise to Mexico to tan on the beach, fly to New York to watch a broadway show, or rent a beautiful luxury villa in Turks & Caicos {I fell in love with the ones here}...just so I can escape and see the world! I need a vacation pronto, asap, post haste. Cruise at Christmas time and New York next summer maybe?

Dear Husband,
You have been working so hard. I'm trying my hardest to show my support by making your lunches every morning, washing your work clothes, and picking up band-aids for your blisters. I love you with all my heart and I'm so excited with all the progress and direction in our life together!

Dear 4th of July,
A complete BLAST. Amazing BBQ with family & friends, The Lone Ranger movie time, and a fireworks show. Couldn't ask for a better day!

Dear California,
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. I soak in the warmth of the sun knowing that I won't feel it in a couple months! Granted, I'm sure when I'm done with my summer here, I'll be more than happy to return to my 'lil yellow brick house :)



Brandi said...

I've had the same problem with Essie polishes..but you're right, the colors are so pretty!

xo Brandi- Cupcakes and Curves

The Southern Thing said...

I actually prefer the Essie over opi! I find it to be thicker for some reason. Cute nails!!