Breezy Days: My Blogger Date With Bree


July 20, 2013

My Blogger Date With Bree

I can't even express how absolutely STOKED I was to finally meet my blogger friend Bree Pair from The Thing About Joy. We have been going back and forth via blog comments, email, Instagram, and Twitter for over a year! She is a blogger from Houston, TX and I've been back and forth between California & Utah, so when she texted me that she would be at Disneyland for the weekend...I hopped to it and drove my bum down there! We hit up Earl of Sandwich {pretty delish} and talked about family, religion, life, blogging, and everything else in between for 3 and a half hours! We seriously talked like we had been best friends for years and we were just catching up after a long time apart. It is completely CRAZY how this blogging world works! We totally clicked & I couldn't have been more grateful to finally meet one of my good friends in real life :) 
Thanks for the awesome night Bree! <3

P.S. I'm wearing an Anthropologie romper in this pic...never would have guessed huh?!

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