Breezy Days: Weekend Update: Pasodoble + Thor


November 16, 2013

Weekend Update: Pasodoble + Thor

{Mock Competition for Samba from Oct.}

I know I'm writing this early for a weekend update, but I've already done all the exciting stuff I'm actually going to do for the entire weekend. Now it's just homework and being lazy around the house! Yesterday I competed in the BYU Dancesport competition with my partner Brandon in the Pasodoble. In the mock competition for Samba a while back we placed 3rd, which we were super stoked about. Even though we only made it to Quarterfinals {competing in a higher level} for Paso, it was a fun time & I'm proud that we made it a couple rounds :)

{Dancesport competition in Pasodoble}
Our latin dance teacher trains some of the best latin dancers in the country, so he is pretty intense when it comes to competition. So he instructed us that all the girls are supposed to have their hair slicked back, shiny, and in a tight bun. Ummm ya, that is really difficult. I used Ryan's hair gel and slathered that stuff on like no one's business then used at least 15 bobby pins to keep my bun in place. I also caked on the make-up & sunless tanner {and I'm still white as ever!} It's taken 2 showers & lots of shampoo to get all that gel out. Yuck!

After I competed we made our way over to the Riverwoods Lighting, where we drove into the parking lot then promptly turned around to leave. The traffic was CRAZY. I didn't think it was such a popular event, so I was surprised to see the place swamped with families in their snow coats. We decided to hit up the other side of Provo {to avoid all those people} and see Thor 2 at the Provo Towne Mall {which was actually really good, a lot better than the first movie.} It was a low-key night where we picked up some amazingly discounted sweaters from American Eagle, Panda Express in the food court, and hit up a 10pm showing of the movie. Just love those spur of the moment date nights :) Plus, I soooo want to start decorating for Christmas, but I can't bring myself to do it until after Thanksgiving! Old habits die hard my friends.


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I hear ya! We went to the lighting of the outlets at Traverse Mountain instead this year. The Riverwoods one is getting way too packed!

huecmpm said...

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