Breezy Days: Nordstrom Rack VIP Party


November 7, 2013

Nordstrom Rack VIP Party

This week I received an invitation to attend the VIP pre-opening party at Nordstrom Rack up in Farmington, UT. Seeing as how I've only ever been to a Nordstrom Rack a handful of times in my life, I figured it would be a fun time to snag one of my best friends and head on up there {Kyla, you were missed!!} We toddled up to the store and it was PACKED. We inched our way inside and I had Alexa show me around the store like a Nordstrom Rack pro would. 

We ended up finding some great deals on comfy sweaters and adorable studded belts through the huge sea of a well-dressed crowd & amazing discounts. After the chaos we made our way over to Ross & Marshall's to see if we could grab any more deals; which is where we ran into Madison & Lauren from the Awkward Girls blog. I went over to say "hi" because I had met them a couple times previous and that was the start of talking each others ears off and eventually dinner at The Habit {a burger place I'd never been to before, which was absolutely delicious!} It's so funny that we all hit it off so well and could not stop talking! Alexa & I had a total blast!! This blogger world is such a crazy fun place to be a part of :)

Nordstrom Rack at Station Park: 380 North Station Parkway Farmington, UT 84025


Bree said...

I just love our crazy blogger world. :)

nerline said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!
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Emma said...

these girls. you are all so cute. sounds like it was a lot of fun!