Breezy Days: Best Laid Plans, Not


November 2, 2013

Best Laid Plans, Not

I'm officially half way through the semester, can I get a hip hip hooray?! I'm taking only 6 credits next semester and will be looking for a new job in the area, so big changes are a comin' {and if you have connections with a rad job, let me know!} I'll be so relieved when I finally have that degree in my hot little hand, and to go make moolah to pay for life/student loans! {Yay? haha}

While avoiding homework today, I decided to "relax" by taking on a Pinterest project I've been meaning to do. Why in the world do I even bother laying out a nice organized plan of action when everything just goes to crap anyways?? {Kinda like my Christmas tree plan…}

I grabbed flowers at Hobby Lobby, but forgot the foam board backing at Lowes. I ruined the picture with black paint, had to go order another one at Staples. Ran out of ribbon, had to head out to sketchy dollar store for more. Ya…I don't really know what delusion I was living in to think this would be an "easy peasy project." Ryan blames my high expectations for a smooth sailing life on all the charming romantic comedies/Disney movies I watch…doesn't he know that I'm secretly a princess? Where my singing birds at?!

{Remixed: Plaid Shirt // Olive Pants}

Well, the project is finally done and I'm pretty happy with myself :) Now I'm off to make Ghiradelli brownies with the husband and to watch another Dateline episode, cause we love watching those intense murder mystery-type shows. Btw, the picture above was my hair from the Frannie's party the other night. All curled up with some clip-in extensions I'm finally making use of after having them for over 2 years! You could say I'm proud that at 22 years old, I'm finally able to do my hair.


little miss said...

I'm also sooooo close to finishing my degree. I'm just hanging out to be done with school. Over it much?

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

you look amazing!

Elana said...

Gah, you are just too cute! I've never been a big pants person, but I'm really loving this olive pair. Also, your hair is incredible. I wish my hair looked like this!

And hooray for the semester being halfway done!

Unknown said...

Girl, great minds think alike. The only thing I want to wear with my olive pants is a red flannel. You look so cute here!

xo Ashley