Breezy Days: My Guilty Pleasure TV Shows


November 12, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

You could say that I love fall tv shows...or at least you will after reading his post! When I'm not avoiding homework by blogging {or cleaning, sleeping, practically anything other than homework}, I'm usually catching up on any of these shows. I love a good story that is light hearted with a dash of romance and mystery, aka I watch at least half the girly tv shows out there. Here are a few of my favorite guilty pleasures that I look forward to each week!

Sunday: Drop Dead Diva
I would say that this show is definitely under the guilty pleasure category because it's probably the most frivolous show ever. I wouldn't say that it's the best acting ever, but I enjoy watching the story unfold regardless. I've watched it from the beginning and can't wait to see if Deb {Jane} and Grayson will finally get together!

Monday: Hart of Dixie
If you don't like Rachel Bilson, I'm not sure we could ever be friends. Not only is she super adorable in this show, but who doesn't love watching some good down south small-town living?? Makes me all the more excited to live in the south one day ;)

New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals
New Girl: Definitely a must-watch in my book. I've always loved Zooey Deschanel {even if some members in my family think she is annoying...cough cough}, but I've even gotten Ryan hooked on this show {mostly because of Schmidt} because it's absolutely hilarious!

Pretty Little Liars: A guilty teenage-pleasure for sure. I love all the creative outfits worn by the main girls, and can't wait to see if Ezra really is A?! {Sorry if that was a spoiler alert, but you oughta be caught up already!}

The Originals: I read The Vampire Diaries books when I was younger and continued on to watch the show, now that is it nearing it's end I just had to jump board with The Originals. Klaus is so mysterious & sexy, and with it being set in New Orleans I couldn't be more excited to watch the story unfold. You notice that I have a thing for the south yet?

Wednesday: Nashville
OMG NASHVILLE. I watched the Friday Night Lights tv show with Connie Britton and loved her in that, then followed her over to Nashville and have thoroughly loved every minute of it. Rayna needs to be reunited with her one true love! Scarlett needs to finally pick someone to be with and relish in her career success! When will Juliette not mess up a relationship she's in?! Then the amazing singing on top of all the southern drama? SOLD.

Thursday: The Vampire Diaries
This is on par with Pretty Little Liars, and every time Ryan walks in on me watching these shows he'll ask "Will you always watch trashy teenage shows?" The answer is probably something he doesn't want to hear...but how can you resist Damon?!

Friday: The Carrie Diaries
Although I've only seen a handful of Sex and the City episodes, this show intrigued me with it being the prequel to that whole storyline. Plus it's set in the 1980's & New York...amazing clothes & the city, could you go wrong?


Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

I agree with you about all of these shows! Drop Dead Diva and Hart of Dixie are probably my top two though. I totally hope Jane and Grayson end up together!!

Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with all of these as well! I think I have a sickness :)

xo, Courtney

Kelly Clark said...

These are so great! My favorite part of this is "Will you always watch trashy teenage shows?" because I'm pretty sure I'll always be right there along with you. I love Pretty Little Liars and New Girl and definitely have some new shows to look into! :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Um yes! I only watch New Girl, PLL, and Vampire Diaries of these but you've gotta love trash TV! My favorite shows are a bit more serious, but only slightly...How I Met Your Mother should definitely be on that list, unless it's not a guilty pleasure because it's so good :)
Exploring My Style

Kendra Klingler said...

Is Drop Dead Diva back on air!!??? Or is it just reruns?

Jessi said...

I love Drop Dead Diva (what I've seen of it) and New Girl! Zooey Deschanel is my role model hahaha. Haven't watched the rest of these. Although I've always wanted to watch Hart of Dixie! I love Rachel Bilson.

Hayley! said...

LOVE New girl, the Originals, and VP! At first, I didn't see the Vampire Diaries picture and was going to suggest you add that to your "watch list" asap! :)

smith12 said...