Breezy Days: How to: Make Festive Oreo Pops


December 13, 2013

How to: Make Festive Oreo Pops

I've made these to gift as Christmas presents, and they are always a total hit with friends and family! They are pretty easy & cheap to make, are sugar-coma delicious, and they look like you spent all day on them ;) 

-Double Stuf Oreos
-White chocolate melting chips
-Peppermint candy canes
-Sturdy holiday paper straws
-Bakers Twine
-Treat bags, small & clear plastic

1. Heat up the white chocolate melting chips in your fondue pot.
2. Cut your festive holiday straws in half, and then pinch the end flat, because you'll be putting into the oreo.
3. After separated the cookie, slide the pinched side underneath the oreo cream. Then place the other half of the cookie back on, and make sure it goes seamlessly back together. This is why you bought double stuf, to make sure the straw will fit!
4. Instead of dipping the cookie, I used a spoon to drizzle the fondue chocolate onto the cookie. This is to make sure your cookie doesn't fall apart.
5. Place your oreo pop on a sheet of parchment paper. I bought peppermint candy canes and crushed them myself, but I've heard you can just buy them already crushed. Regardless, this is the step where you sprinkle on the peppermint candy cane deliciousness. You have to do this right after you drizzle on the chocolate & while it's still hot, so the candy will stay on the cookie.
6. Let your oreo pop cool on the parchment paper for about 5-7 minutes. 
7. Wait until fully cooled, then peel the oreo pop off. 

8. Place the top of the pop into a treat bag.
9. Tie it up with some adorable bakers twine.
10. Voila! Amazingly delicious & cute Christmas gifts!

This is the price for all of the materials used for only one package of double stuf oreo cookies {30 cookies}, and this is the final price per pop!

1 package of Double Stuf Oreos from K-Mart: $3
1/2 pack of holiday straws from $2
2/3 package of plastic treat bags from Wal-Mart: $1.50
1 small roll of bakers twine: $3
1/2 package of peppermint candy canes from Wal-Mart: $2.75 
1 pounds of white melting chocolate from Winco: $3.75

 Grand total: Under 53 cents per Oreo Pop!

This is starting to become my Christmas gift tradition because they are so easy to make, but they take some time and are made with love! I've gotten rave reviews from every person I've given them to; because how can you really go wrong with an oreo, chocolate, and candy?! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments so I can edit the post or email you back with a response. Hope you & your friends/family enjoy these!


Aubrey said...

i want to eat these right now! i just added the link to my post.

Kara Renee said...

Holy crap, I need these in my life right now!! Pinning this immediately as a I drool a little more. :)

Kelsey Eaton said...

This is what I make for neighbor treats too! So pretty but easy!