Breezy Days: Shopping Marathon


December 2, 2013

Shopping Marathon

We pulled in to Portland around 8pm on Tuesday night, where I promptly konked out on the couch until Ryan woke me up to go to sleep in a bed. Wednesday my sister-in-law Nikole, Ryan's aunt Michelle, and I all had the most intense day of shopping. We seriously hit all the best stores and malls in the Portland area, it was awesome!! 

We started off the day with caramel apple spice drinks from Starbucks and some light shopping,  then Michelle brought us to the adorable Grand Central Baking for the most delicious sandwich. It was called the Sas-Squash: maple and sage roasted butternut squash, Fresanero mayo, cheddar cheese on Peasant bread and with a sausage patty. Are you drooling yet? I scarfed that thing down in no time! 

{Remixed: Pants // Booties}

We finished off our sandwiches on our way to Buffalo Exchange in Portland, and it was the weirdest dang thing ever {the store, that is}. I totally didn't fit in to the downtown hipster Portland-stereotype {plus there were scary people there that you get with being downtown} and the prices at Buffalo Exchange are ridiculous!! I was super stoked to go because I've heard so many good things, but was totally let down :/ Maybe I'll give the ones in So-Cal a try before I write off the store completely. After our adventure in Downtown Portland we headed back home where I again, totally konked out. Being sick on vacation really harshes my mellow! 

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