Breezy Days: Date Night of My Dreams


December 27, 2013

Date Night of My Dreams

As much as I love getting all dressed to the nines, nothing is better than a comfy & chic look. Worn in booties, olive skinnies, gold jewelry, and a gorgeous cream sweater scream "take me out on a date please!" 

Take me on a cute 'lil boat docked in Newport Beach; where Sprinkles cupcakes and salmon caviar from the UK are served. Let's slow dance to a live jazz band under the twinkling lights and cuddle while watching the stars until I fall asleep....*le sigh* That is what this look makes me want to go do, a fancy yet casual & memorable date night. I may be a little over my head...but I can dream right? :)

{Remixed: Sweater // Boots // Olive Skinnies}

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Bree said...

*texting Ryan to read this post asap* hahaha