Breezy Days: Red Lipstick Confidence


October 15, 2013

Red Lipstick Confidence

I just love being stared at {<--sarcasm}. I've never experienced it quite like this before moving to Utah...and I don't understand the reason for it. If I'm not wearing my husband's basketball shorts and oversized BYU tee on campus then I get straight up stared at because I'm not begging to be invisible. I'm not saying that I haven't stolen my husband's comfy clothes on occasion...but I also don't think it's ok to wear them on campus. Believe me, I know that there are just "those days" when the planets of chaos align and real clothes just aren't on the docket, but every day?! That married uniform does not convey "I'm comfortable in my skin and feel invincible today"...and regardless of what anyone says, what you look like is a presentation of who you are to the world.

With all the jibber-jabber talk on modesty or what swimsuit is appropriate, why is there no open conversation on self-esteem? Why don't we encourage putting time into ourselves or being the strong confident women that we are? I feel unstoppable when I'm comfortable in my skin, which {to me} also means expressing my femininity. A lot of times when I'm tired and don't feel that strength; putting on some make-up, doing what I can with my unruly hair, and stepping in to some well-fitting clothes helps in creating that strength for me. Which is exactly what I did today, tried to brush out that rat's nest of a hair-do and threw on some red lipstick to feel confident. It worked. And I don't mind getting sideways looks {ahem, stares} for walking with confidence.

Well, this post turned out to be more of a rant than I was thinking it would be. So there you go my friends, anddd goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Don't get me wrong, I love sweats as much (if not more) than the next person...but I feel so much better when I take a little bit of time to actually look put together. Go Bri!
Jenny at PlanePretty :)

Rachel said...

I grew up in a culture where staring is very normal--the first time my husband came to visit, he was very uncomfortable with all the stares, which I didn't even notice. But stares or no stares, I think it's definitely worth it to wear clothes that you enjoy--you'll typically end up with a happier day.