Breezy Days: Comparing BB Creams


October 14, 2013

Comparing BB Creams

I realized the other day that I have 3 different BB cream brands in my make-up basket and decided to do a compare/contrast post for you guys! If you don't know, a BB cream is a "beauty balm" which claims to take place of your moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, concealer, and foundation. What a dream, right? I originally was drawn to the idea of a BB cream because I'm not a huge fan of face make-up other than moisturizer with SPF, so if I could have that and a foundation in one, I would be in heaven!

Here is some background: I have extremely fair skin, a history of skin cancer, dry/flaky skin since moving to Utah, and do not have problems with acne. I hardly ever wear foundation, and only use it in conjunction with cover-up to smooth over the occasional flaming red zit. 

I'm not a make-up connoisseur by any means {I use the same 5 products over & over...a creature of habit}, but I am extremely picky about skincare products because of my sensitive skin. I like skin products that are light, comfortable, and natural looking while also doing their job of moisturizing and protecting my face from the sun. Hope you enjoy the post! {Btw, these pictures are not edited. Only one picture was made a little brighter so you can see more detail. Sooo have fun staring at ridiculous close-ups of my lover-ly face ;)}

This BB cream is a "Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen", and it directs that you reapply every 2 hours when in the sun. Seeing as how I have a history of skin cancer, I always look for SPF in my skincare products, but honestly 15 SPF doesn't really do much in the grand scheme of things. 

When I first put it on the consistency felt thick and it was a little daunting to spread evenly and blend on my skin. I will tell you that if you don't blend well and do so in natural lighting, you will definitely get a "fake face" line. After it dried a bit, the strong "sunscreen pretending to be floral" scent faded away and it started to look more even on my skin. I was really happy with the end results because my skin felt moisturized, smooth, and soft; while also appearing to be clear and even. Hooray! Definitely my favorite by far.

This BB Cream claims to be an 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Protector; which blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjusts to skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, SPF 30 protects, and has 0% oils or other heavy ingredients. I would say that this cream actually does about half those things. It doesn't "blur imperfections" because it is so sheer it hardly has any coverage power, although it did make my skin look more even-toned. 

It is a "sheer tint" which indicted to me that it wasn't going to be much of a skin color corrector. It was a great moisturizer that felt light-weight, which is awesome for my dry skin but it does smell a little too much like sunscreen. Bleh! I would recommend this for people who aren't looking for much coverage, but want a moisturizing sunscreen with a little dash of color to make your skin look even.

This BB cream has "beautifying beads: encapsulated pigments infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidant Vitamin C & E" and says it primes, perfects, hydrates, and corrects skin. The problem with this one is that I feel like I have to use a lot more of the product to cover my entire face, unlike the other two products because the consistency of this one is runny. 

It did not hydrate my skin nor does it have any SPF included which is one of my top priorities with skincare products. Also, the "beautifying beads" just sat on top of the skin instead of dissolving when I was trying to blend it all in..a total mess! Overall this is probably my least favorite product because of the odd beauty beads, lack of SPF, and the funny consistency which made my face feel slathered and sticky.

If you have any other BB creams that you love, leave the link to them in the comments! 


Kyla Ford said...

I LOVE THIS!! I use Maybeline bb cream right now and really like it but I haven't tried anything else. I am def going to try Garnier!! Great post lady <3

Samantha Mariko said...

I used to use the garnier and I like how it looks on you the best. maybe I'll go back to it!

mscdyson said...

I think you look great with Garnier. I use it and I love it. I agree it does leave a fake face line at first, but after awhile your skin does look and feel better.


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I use the Garnier BB cream!

I like that one best on you :-)