Breezy Days: Hipster Glasses


October 25, 2013

Hipster Glasses

I get people asking me allll the time if I'm wearing glasses as a part of my "look" that day. Dang you hipsters! Ruining the wearing of glasses for the rest of us! I actually have lenses in my glasses and wear them for things like...seeing, you know? I first knew I needed glasses when I would determine which teammate I was passing the basketball to by her hair and jersey color. I didn't even realize that I had bad eyesight because I was compensating with colors and my parents didn't know because I was still sinking shots! It wasn't until they asked why I was squinting when I played, and I responded that it was so I could see exactly who I was passing to. Enter glasses!

I'm such a bad contact wearer though, because I sleep with them in for a week or more at a time {I know, I know...stop scratching your eyeballs out.} So when I finally do take them out and my eyes burn to high heavens, I like to look cute in my glasses :)

{Remixed: Boots, Top}

I love my Ray-Ban "inspired" {aka copycat} tortoiseshell glasses for everyday wear, and I just purchased a pair of black cat-eye glasses to give me some more options. Plus, I'm on the hunt for some rectangular glasses from Bonlook so I can look super classy when studying...because that's what's important when studying right? It's nice that prescription glasses are more affordable nowadays, as opposed to my over $200 Vera Wang glasses from high school. Yikes! Hooray for more fashionable options for the nearly-blind!

What are your thoughts on glasses? What are your favorite styles?


Kelsey Eaton said...

Haha I agree! I wear contacts 80% of the time but sometimes I just need a break and wear glasses. Nope not part of any fashion style or what not. Just to see. Haha

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

You are adorable! I love those boots!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

what a cute and flirty outfit, i love it!

K&R said...

ugh i know i need to get glasses.
i was at the dmv the other day and they asked me to cover my left eye and i couldn't read the letters.
i asked them to give me a second, rubbed my eyes and squinted and was able to guess what the letters were.
i don't want to get glasses dang it.
your glasses look super cute on you, i just think i'll put off the glasses cause im not in school anymore haha.


Danielle V. said...

I totally wear prescription glasses, too, but I mainly wear my contacts now! I admit to buying pairs of glasses without prescription lenses (and just wearing my contacts underneath)... just because I like the look of different frames! :-P


Katie said...

yay for real glasses wearing people. I get so annoyed when people wear glasses for just style. I am like basically blind without mine so it just annoys me when people think they look cool if they throw on some fake ones. no, you loser. i'm mean haha

Unknown said...

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