Breezy Days: Glasses for the Blind & Budget Conscious


March 9, 2013

Glasses for the Blind & Budget Conscious

Seeing as how I have absolutely horrible vision, glasses are a necessity in my life.
Decent glasses seem to run around 200 bucks a pair these days, yikes!
I definitely can't afford that with a college student budget.
Then I found the affordable glasses site,, a site that fits my style & price point.
They even offer a first pair free program, and how cool is that?!

Firmoo has a variety of choices, the delivery was quick, they have a Virtual-Try-On system on their site, and these prescription glasses would be extremely affordable for the practically blind & budget conscious college student and/or newlywed :)


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

you look sooooo darling with glasses!! I just feel like a "try too hard to be hipster"... or i feel i look like my mom lol

Unknown said...

I love the way they look on you!!! I definitely will need to check out this site everyone is raving about!

Jen Castagno said...

i am seriously blind without my contacts. it's sad. but im going to check out that website. i've been looking for some new glasses. I've had mine now for like 3 years. they are old school

Jess said...

I wear my Firmoos every single savers! I'm super blind,'s BAD.

And I told you this on Insta but just so you don't forget...your hair looks FAB :)


Courtney said...

These look fantastic on you!