Breezy Days: Friday's Letters


March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Target,
You slay me with your adorable home decor, irresistible clothing, festive holiday sections, 
and your affordable sale sections.
You are my calm solace when I'm stressed out and need my alone time.
You are probably one of my bestest friends and you don't even know it.
You help me pick out clothes {like these coral pants above}, nail polish colors {the coral nail polish you convinced me to purchase}, and you even go grocery shopping with me {you make it fun!}
Itso facto, your'e awesome.

Dear Yellow Brick House,
We've finally had the time to clean you and BOY, do you look awesome.
It's amazing what peace of mind comes with sitting in a clean & organized home.
And that gallery wall? I promise I'll fix it soon so you don't look like a hot mess.

Dear BYU,
I now only have school Tuesday/Thursday from 9am-6pm.
Oh, but it's killing me.
The sun coming out today makes me long for my sunny summer in CA...
only one more month!

Dear Husband,
Thanks for waking up and cuddling with me when I couldn't sleep the other night.
You always make me feel safe, warm, and cozy.
Which makes you my favorite teddy bear pretty much.

Dear Blog,
Sometimes I like you. Sometimes I don't.
I get tired because life is busy and don't feel like posting or other times I can't wait to see you.
It's a hot-cold/on-off relationship.
We would probably be an "It's Complicated" status on FB.
Sometimes Google likes to announce confusing things, and I don't like that either.
Most of the time though, you make me happy & the time I spend on you is worth it to me.

Dear Jillian Michael's 30 Day Ripped DVD,
Thanks for whipping my tush the past week. 
I'm now on to week 2 and can't wait to see some more results!
I'm already feeling the tone in my legs & am seeing that middle line on my tummy/abs. SCORE.



Jess said...

I SO wish I could fit in Target jeans, because those coral ones are SO CUTE!

Alex said...

Where did you get your shirt I am loving it?!?

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I love these letters posts that you write! They always crack me up! Love and miss you toooooooooo much!!

xoxox Teresa

Samantha Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love your outfit!


Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

Cute cute outfit! I love Target. :)