Breezy Days: Friday's Letters


March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

{Newport Beach circa summer of 2012}

It seems as if nowadays I post only on Fridays. School gets tiring people!
Plus I'm in one of those "I just finished being a sickly human being and am now in a life rut"
Aka, not really feeling up to blogging/working out/organizing/really doing anything for that matter.
I'm just mentally "checked out" of school.
Already dreaming of my Disneyland pass and the beach...

Dear Sunny Weather,
You seem to make everyone happier. Drivers are actually using their turn signals, pedestrians are courteous to drivers, everyone is outside biking and running...and everyone is just so polite!
Let's keep it up you dang sun. It's all on you now.

Dear Dr. Phil,
The husband and I get stuck watching full episodes of your show till one in the morning cause we are so intrigued by how people can be so dumb.
Thanks for taking sleep away from me and instead giving me more fuel to fix the world with my family studies degree. Huzzah!

Dear Elder Grossman,
Your letters & emails seriously make my day.
I'm running to the mail box and can't wait to wake up Wednesday mornings to open my inbox to hear from you.
Love ya lots my brother and I'm so proud of you!

Dear Butt White Legs,
Stawwwwppppp it. No more of this madness.
You look horrendous in outfit pictures and that makes me sad.

Dear Yellow Brick House,
You pretty much only get cleaned when we have people coming over or when I'm stressed and need to go on a cleaning/organizing spree. Either way you look like a hot tamale when I fix you up ;)

Dear California,
Ohhhhh California. Why does your economy have to be going down the tubes? Why are your taxes so high? You make it borderline impossible to look at you as a possible home after graduation! I am happy to have you for my home this summer though, maybe we can make this a regular thing?


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