Breezy Days: If the Shoe Fits!


March 19, 2013

If the Shoe Fits!

{All shoes from Shoedazzle}

I don't think that it's any secret that I loooove my shoes.
Cute shoes of quality and shoes on a budget.
Through my shoe madness I've found what sites fit my online shopping fancy.
Thus, I've compiled a list and some details of some of the most popular online shoes sites so you can sift out which ones are and aren't your style. 

Who is the mastermind? Kim Kardashian, and she does collaborations with Dolce Vita and Rachel Zoe.
Monthly charges? No monthly charges.
Special offers? You have the option of being a VIP member, you are charged $9.95 a month and are able to purchase shoes at a discounted price. These charges every month can be accumulated up to 12 months until you want to purchase a pair. Can sign up or cancel being a VIP whenever you want.
Quality? Pretty much you get what you pay for. For the low price though, they are comfortable, stylish, and hold up pretty well.
How good are the sales? Um, AWESOME. They do additional discounts on sale shoes which gets the shoes down to around $14 a pop. They also do a buy one get one half off on occasion.
Customer service? Extremely helpful and nice. Free shipping and returns. Whenever I have called or emailed them, I've gotten an immediate response and awesome customer service.
Overall score? 5/5. {My go-to shoe site}

Who is the mastermind? Kimora Lee Simmons 
Monthly charges? You are charged $39.95 to your card by the 5th of every month, but have the option to skip the month to not have your car charged. If you forget? You're pretty much screwed.
Special offers? 50% off your first purchase.
How good are the sales? Good sales & deals, can get shoes down to $25 a pair on sale.
Quality? I don't think this is the best quality. Cheaply made and fit my foot weird.
Customer service? I purchased a pair of heels from this site for a wedding, and it was a disaster. When I called customer service, the girl had no clue what she was talking about and I had to speak with someone higher up. I was extremely frustrated with the customer service. Plus my package arrived late and barely making it before the wedding I was attending out of town!
Overall score? 2/5.

Who is the mastermind? Rachel Bilson
Monthly charges? They charge your card on file by the 5th of every month, a whopping $79.98. If you forget to skip the month they give you one grace month where you can call and be refunded. But if you forget to cancel the account? They keep charging you "monthly credits" and don't send you a reminder email about the balance on your Shoemint account.
Special offers? 20% off your first purchase. Hard to find shoe sizes 5-11. 
How good are the sales? For the fashionista who is willing to spend $50+ on a pair of shoes, they have very good deals for the quality of shoe. They sometimes do a buy one get on half off or the occasional 20% off for holidays or new shoes.
Quality? Very good quality! They are teamed up with the people from Steve Madden {my favorite}, and they create beautiful shoes.
Customer service? They are I would say that they are ok. Not the best customer service I've ever dealt with, but not the worst. When I emailed them, I didn't get a response back until a week later. When I called them, the girl on the other side of the phone sounded ticked, um sorry?
Overall score? 3.5/5. 

If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments or email me! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the tips and tricks!!! It's always so great to hear about other people's experiences with online companies!!

Kyla Ford said...

FAVORITE POST EVER!! Love ShoeDazzle. My GO TO SHOE site also... thanks to you! Best shopping advice you ever did give me! Miss you. Feel better soon!

Mariasha said...

I belong to JustFab and they have actually gotten rid of the monthly fee! Now you don't pay anything monthly and can buy shoes whenever!