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March 11, 2013

Hunters of Happiness

Hi Breezy Days followers, I'm Elise! I'm the girl behind the blog Hunters of Happiness
I'm excited to be here and tell you a little bit about myself. 

So, I'm Elise and this is my new husband Scott. 
Together we're the Hunter family!

Scott and I met in college. It really was a fairy tale love story
We got married just 4 months ago. It was the best day ever
Now, we are having so much fun being newlyweds!!

I'm studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist (aka speech therapist). 
Scott just graduated in business and started his own company-- he's pretty cool like that.

 I'm crazy addicted to cereal, instagram and shopping.
 He's more of a football, meat and google kind of guy.
Together we're a perfect match!

Hunters of Happiness is all about our journey to find happiness in the everyday. 
So far I am the sole author of our blog and so you'll hear about all those things I love!
Mainly, fashion, food, family and faith.

 I LOVE blogging! It's super fun. I love getting creative with outfits, sharing a hilarious story, making something new in the kitchen or journaling our various adventures.

 I hope you'll stop by and see what our hunt for happiness is all about :) 

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Rachel Sayumi. said...

cute, cute! I LOVE Elise. She was my relief society president, and I lived on her couch for two weeks before I got married haha! Great feature! :))

tinita said...

Wow Congratulations!!! your so cute couple :) God Bless for the new chapter of your life.

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Ayesha Anwar said...
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Ronda Ramirez said...

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