Breezy Days: 5 Tips for Re-Igniting Workout Motivation


March 7, 2013

5 Tips for Re-Igniting Workout Motivation

I'm not one that is motivated by a number on the scale.
I'm motivated by how I look in the mirror, how well I fit into my clothes, and how good I feel inside.
It's difficult when life gets busy because the first thing that goes on the back burner is working out!
Probably because this takes some time, effort, and minor planning.
I try to make it easy on myself by using some of these tricks to re-ignite my motivation!

1. Fitness inspiration on my cell phone
How often do we look at our phones?
But seriously though, it's ridiculous.
I find some motivating quotes on Pinterest and use them as my iPhone lock screen.
This is mine right now!

2. Making dates with friends
Everyone, meet my hot friend Callie. She's the one teaching the Zumba class!
She has made Zumba an integral part of her life, and we can do the same.
I make a point to either hit her classes up in Lehi cause she gets me pumped, go with a friend to BYU aerobic classes, or I take a yoga class with Ryan at school! {I've also taken tennis & basketball!}
When I have a commitment to go work out with a friend, I don't make excuses of "I don't have time" or "I don't feel like it", cause someone else is depending on me!
Plus it's an awesome way to scratch working out off your list & to make time to hang with a friend!

3. Grocery shop after working out...with a list
{Marinated pork, steamed veggies, avocado, texas toast...sugar-free jell-o pudding, strawberries}
Life is always easier with a list.
When I'm tired & hungry I tend to gravitate towards my favorite comfort foods.
After I work out and feel motivated to continue the "feel good" train is such a good time to hit the grocery store! I tend to choose those healthier alternatives.
Such a good way to trick that 'lil brain of mine.

4. Cute workout clothes
{Sports bra, Tennies: Nike//Tank: F21//Yoga pants: VS}
If you wanna feel good, you gotta look good!
Even if you are working up a heavy sweat, at least you are looking bangin' while doing it.
I'm totally a Nike girl through and through, but only shop at the Nike outlet.
I get my basics there, such as: supportive sport bras, spandex, and workout shoes.
I also love my Victoria Secret yoga pants, spandex capris from Ross, and tanks from Forever 21.
Whenever I feel like my workout wardrobe is lookin' sad, a few cheap shirts from F21 help cure that!

5. Just do it!
Most of the time it isn't our body that can't work out or pick healthy food choices.
It's the obstacles our mind has to overcome in order to make these choices!
Nike has a point here. Just get your bum in those cute workout clothes and get out there and just do it!


Jan said...

I love this! I've been really into fitness lately too! I am still in my "weight goal" phase because I can still see the fat when I look in the mirror or squish my tummy. LOL I fit better in my clothes now though. My goal right now is to burn all the fat in my tummy. I'm also with you with the feeling after you workout where you just want to keep on eating healthy. Good luck in your goals! :)


Jola said...

Great post! I like to pin motivational quotes to my fridge. That way, I'll always see them when I'm tempted to eat something unhealthy.

Have a nice day!

Jessica Ashcroft said...

Love all of the tips. I agree that working out is better with cute clothes!

I'm trying to reach my fitness goals too. Come take a visit to see what I'm trying!


Brooke said...

This is super great. Seriously love this post. I'm ALL about doing everything to keep myself motivated... even if it means spending extra money on clothes haha, much to my husband's dismay.

Kari said...

Love this post! Me and hubby are going to the Bahamas in May and I'm really trying hard to stay motivated eating healthy and working out. I might steal that screen saver!

Unknown said...

To be motivated for a workout, you need to tell yourself that you're motivated. You don't need a quote to motivate you, you need not look good to be motivated, you have to have that flare in your heart that ignites your feelings to do the workout, you gotta have a goal while you keep in mind while you lift up the dumbbells.

Mark Duin
Motivational Speaker