Breezy Days: Being Appreciative


March 3, 2013

Being Appreciative

It wasn't until I moved away to college {and grew up a little} that I really started to appreciate my mom and dad for who they are and the trials they endured to become the successful parents they are today.
Between my past few visits to California and my family coming up to visit this past Christmas, I made it a point to write down some of the small favors that my parents have done {without saying a word} for those in the family.

+ Dad setting the Tapatio sauce out on the table for Ryan before he eats and realizes that it was pulled out just for him
+ Mom doing the dishes, organizing the whole kitchen, and doing all my laundry while I'm at work
+ Driving 10 hours to bring Christmas to us because of my crazy work schedule
+ My mom & dad are always good about calling to check up on me & Ryan, and they are always there for us when we call
+ Dad giving advice on how to one day be a good parent: Realize that every child is different and they need different kinds of attention to feel loved.
+ After my skin cancer surgery a couple years ago, the whole family hopped in wherever they could and helped to keep me positive
+ Mom staying up with me till 2 in the morning just to talk & giving me awesome advice on how to navigate life's problems
+ Both parents calling & checking up on me when my car is dead on the side of the road
+ They hop in to help with a problem with no complaint
Example: wiping snow off cars, shoveling snow, helping us move from Orem to Provo
+ Dad making a full-on meat & potatoes dinner for when Ryan & I come home after a long day
+ Dad volunteering to sleep on the couch downstairs to wake up with Jesse in the middle of the night {after Jesse's knee surgery} to keep him taking his medicine and helping him to the bathroom even though he has work early the next morning.

It's really the small things that matter, huh?
Happy Sunday :)

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