Breezy Days: Him and Her


March 14, 2013

Him and Her

him: country boy
her: city girl

him: lakers
her: lakers

him: sport documentaries 
her: romantic comedies 

him: lake
her: beach

him: ESPN highlights
her: InStyle & Glamour magazines

him: montana & texas
her: california

him: mexican
her: white as all get out

him: football
her: basketball & tennis

him: candle obsessed
her: candle obsessed

him: coke
her: diet coke/strawberry crystal lite

him: closet computer geek
her: closet book nerd

Harley & Jane


Anonymous said...

oh I love this post! so cute! you two are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! :)

Harley said...

that pictures is seriously adorable.

Katia said...

You guys are so so cute ^___^


Brooke said...

So so cute.

Unknown said...

aw what a cute little post!!

xo, Courtney

Unknown said...

You both are so cute!
My husband also really likes spicy food & I am white as hell. LOL!
Came on over from the link up from Harley & Jane's Blog (Him & Her), can't wait to see future posts.


Anonymous said...

I like your sense of style!!Nice post!
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