Breezy Days: What They Don't Tell You


March 7, 2013

What They Don't Tell You

There are so many ordinary experiences in life that people go through, but hardly talk about.
One of those things I'm going to add to that list now is sending off an LDS missionary.
It happens all the time, every Wednesday in fact; 
and I've honestly not ever heard much about the experience from a family's perspective.
Which has pretty much left me completely unprepared for this hole I'm feeling in my heart.

It wasn't until today that I started pulling some of these pictures together for a post when I made the mistake of stopping and looking at the pictures...for a little too long.
I saw the massive grin on Evan's face, it tugged at my heart, 
and then I proceeded to totally break down on campus.
{So if you saw a random blonde in the HFAC crying, you've caught me!}
I promise you that it really is a happy thing for my brother to go on an LDS mission.
Missionaries are sent around the world to teach others about how we can be with our families forever, they learn to not only love the culture but also the people they serve in their mission. 

What no one told me, is that sending off one of my best friends was going to be this difficult.
He is 15 months younger than I, and has been my sidekick for forever.
Now that he is gone and the only communication I can have with him is through letters?
Gosh, it makes me sad.

But then I took a moment to look over these pictures again... 
the ones where he is hugging each member of the family with a smile plastered on his face from ear to ear.
Then it hits me...I'm not only crying because I'm sad.
It's because I also feel this overwhelming sense of love, pride, and accomplishment for my brother.
It's awfully easy to misinterpret the two because they actually go hand in hand.

I'm sad because I have this hole in my life where he used to snuggly fit. 
Now I have to figure how to patch it all up until he comes back.
Then I am so overcome with joy that he is not only doing the right thing but that he is where he wants to be.
 I couldn't be more happy for him!
 It was time for him to finally move on to the next chapter of his life. 
Who knew that being happy was so confusing?
Until he comes back I'll be posting about his experiences and adventures on a separate blog {for whomever wants to follow}, and I will be posting about all the fun and creative packages I will be sending him :)

Any pointers for families on how to get through this first week?


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

Oh bri!!! You made me start crying. My little brother leaves in two months and I'll miss him soooo much too!!!): haha. Little brothers are the best

The Bailey Family said...

I just did this three weeks ago. I dropped my (not so baby) brother off at the MTC. It was such mixed emotions, He was the first in our family, and let me tell you, NO ONE prepared me for what came next(all the crying and mixed emotions. I mean come on, I am the big sister I have taken care of that kid in every way and letting someone else do my responsibility was not comforting). Yet, I was so elated for him and his new adventure in life!

So the advice:
I just look at it like it is the greatest experience he has had so far in his life and he was so blessed to be called as a missionary at this time.
I began to plan that first week what I would send and when.

P.s. Sit by your email on his p-day he can respond back and forth and its almost like a conversation.!
Pray for that kid everyday and it eases the hole in your heart I swear!

Good luck writing your brother, its the best feeling!


Harley said...

I did this too and it sucked, but now my brother gets home in 30 days and I can't believe where the time has gone.

Be strong!

Brielle said...

When my brother left, I was a wreck. Like, crying in class for weeks. You're not alone! And the time seriously flies by (:

Elise Hunter said...

I'm excited for my little bro to go when here in a few years, but I'm NOT excited for sending him off!