Breezy Days: A Search for the Perfect Cream Sweater


October 2, 2013

A Search for the Perfect Cream Sweater

I have been on the search for the perfect cream sweater for AGES, and just barely found one...first world problems right? To help streamline my shopping I have a list on the Notes app with a bunch of different items that will fill the gaps in my wardrobe; things such as: white converse, black Kingdom & State layering tee, light colored booties, cream chunky knit scarf, black leather leggings, cream pom beanie, tweed jacket, and a orange chunky knit sweater. 

I do come across these things when I'm shopping, but if it's not exactly what I had envisioned I don't purchase it. For example, during my birthday shopping I was excited to try on an oversized cream sweater at H&M and while it was within my was just too itchy and I couldn't bring myself to get it. Feeling a little defeated I continued to walk through the mall with sad Charlie Brown music playing as the background music to my life, then found myself moseying towards Francesca's Collections. I decided to walk inside and ask my favorite shopgirl if they happened to have any cream sweaters in and presto! She guided me to this beauty. Soft, cozy, a little oversized, unique details AND 20% off. Perfection.

This skirt on the other hand was not on my list, but was $10 at the Loft that's when I become willfully ignorant of my shopping list and go for it ;)


Rachel said...

That's generally the way I shop too--I have a vision in mind of how a certain piece will fit into my wardrobe, and then I have to look forever till I find that exact piece! You look great!

Willie Aames said...

Finally your search is now over, you looks cute!


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

You're such a cutie.

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh my, your outfit here is just so cute! i love the skirt, darling colors here!

lindsey louise