Breezy Days: Currently...


October 8, 2013


{Tights: Forever 21 // Remixed: Loft Blouse 1, 2}

Making: Music! Practicing for my voice & piano lessons tomorrow.
Cooking: Salmon with brown sugar spice rub on top, mac&cheese, with steamed veggies.
Drinking: Water with Strawberry Crystal Lite.
Reading: Glamour magazine, November issue {with Rhianna on the cover, not sure how I feel about her style}
Wanting: A visit to the pumpkin patch paired with a Starbucks caramel apple cider drink.
Missing: Evan, terribly. 
Looking: For the perfect cream knit beanie with a pom on top.
Wasting: Time when I should be studying or practicing non-stop...but What Not to Wear is on Netflix! 
Wishing: For a weekend without homework. 
Enjoying: The crisp fall air and orange leaves.
Waiting: For inspiration on what to do with my life.
Liking: Comfy tights.
Wondering: Why music teachers think they don't need to give the schedule for class more than a week in advance?
Loving: Freshly polished OPI nails, using my new San Francisco mini-polish kit.
Hoping: That I'll learn soon how to balance all this work efficiently. 
Marveling: At the snow on the mountains already.
Needing: Orange rolls...the ones sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked.
Smelling: Gold Canyon apple cider candle.
Wearing: Comfy lounge clothes, baggy gray sweats & Lakers tee.
Noticing: That Utah drivers are probably the worst in the entire world.
Opening: Bills, which are my least favorite thing about being an adult.
Giggling: Over pictures of pomeranians on Instagram, then sharing them with Ryan.
Feeling: Weary, and perpetually worn out. Life of a college student, right?


Kyla Ford said...

Where are the BOOTS from? MUST HAVE!! and love the whole outfit in general. You still have to take me shopping!!

Jessi said...

Cute! Love the polka dot tights and that cardigan! Everyone seems to be doing these lists lately - so fun! :)

nicole s. said...

my exact quote to my boyfriend: "everyone gets to wear cute fall outfits. i want to wear cute fall outfits!"

i think, despite it still being pretty warm here in austin, i'm going to wear something cute and autumnal tomorrow. love this look SO much!

xo nicole