Breezy Days: Adventures With Elder Ev's: Transfer to Agua Dulce, Veracruz


October 27, 2013

Adventures With Elder Ev's: Transfer to Agua Dulce, Veracruz

Latest Update {he has been in his new area for 2 weeks now}:
"With the start of the new transfer, I got a call...I'm going to Veracruz! I'm going to be training in the area of Agua Dulce, Cuatzacoalcos zone. This is crazy, because of the huge change (I'm traveling from Chiapas all the way to Veracruz!). My new companion's name is Elder Angeles, who is from Mexico City."

Baptism of Rafael in Palenque {pictured above, from 3 weeks ago}:
"The best experience from this past week was the appointment that Elder Peterson and I had with his investigator, who was getting ready for his baptism that Saturday. Elder Peterson and his companion were going to move Rafael's baptism date a week back, but Rafael said he was ready for that Saturday. He told me that he went from smoking everyday and having no purpose whatsoever, to changing little by little because of the time he spent with another member and came to a full conversion experience. He was the ideal convert! From the scripture D&C 4: 'Behold, the field is white, already to harvest...' he was personally prepared by the Lord, and was more than ready to be baptized. My heart was filled with indescribable joy, despite him not being my investigator. This is testimony building for me, there are people out there being prepared by the Lord."

"It was an awesome baptism, I played I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus on the piano while the Elders sang. It was really fun!"

{Eating dinner with a member family in Palenque, pictured above from 3 weeks ago}

On his new companion, Elder Angeles:
"My companion is awesome! I'm really blessed to have him as my companion. Elder Angeles is very nice, talkative, open, and happy to be on a mission. I am so glad to have him as a companion, and even more happy to be training. He helps to clarify things when people don't understand me, we have a great relationship."

On his new are, Agua Dulce {pictured above, he has now been there for 2 weeks}:
"This past week, I will forever be grateful for the members here and for their help. The ward here {yes, it's a ward!}, is actively engaged in missionary work! I've accompanied the Bishop to a few lessons already. It makes me excited to work in this area!"

"Agua Dulce has been raining on and off here. And mental note, the agua here is not dulce. It's pretty dang disgusting. We are pretty lucky to have such an awesome apartment right next to some pretty awesome members. And doesn't get flooded in our apartment like some of the other elder apartments."

On the pizza dinner {pictured above}:
"Had family home evening with Gustavo and his family. Had pizza {pay de queso}, and a lot of fun! That is rebanada {leftovers} de pizza with Habanero sauce...yeah, I ate that. Soy patron {I'm the man}!

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