Breezy Days: 7 Deadly Sins


October 24, 2013

7 Deadly Sins

I found this link-up on Shane's blog Whispering Sweet Nothings & thought it was super festive seeing as how Halloween is just next week! :)

seven great things in your life

1. The fun marriage I have with my best friend
2. My work ethic & organizational skills {most of the time}
3. An amazingly supportive & loving family
4. My music & creative skills 
5. My home that I've taken lots of time & energy to put together
6. How I have the greatest friends around
7. Utilizing my closet by mixing & matching everything I already have

seven things you lack & covet

1. More time
2. Financial stability
3. The drive to exercise every day 
4. Patience 
5. Cooking skills
6. Being calm & collected in stressful situations
7. Prioritizing my time

seven things that make you angry

1. Utah drivers and their lack of turn signals/general driving knowledge
2. How much BYU professors work our bums off {we dang well EARN that degree}
3. Others staring at me for no reason
4. People who are incompetent 
5. Expired food in the fridge & cabinets
6. People mispronouncing my name, nails on a chalkboard!
7. Whiny girls and un-manly men

seven things you neglect to do

1. Dishes, yuck!
2. Practice my piano more than 3-4 hours a week
3. Talk with people on business-related matters
4. Answer the phone {which is why I usually leave it in another room}
5. Make the bed, it hardly ever happens
6. Homework 
7. The rest of household chores haha

seven worldly material desires

1. A trip to Italy, London, Paris, and Greece
2. A walk-in closet
3. A tan fluffy pomeranian named Nugget
4. A home to decorate that is alll mine
5. Can't get enough shoes, right? More shoes!
6. White low-top converse
7. A thin gold wedding ring with a raw diamond

seven guilty pleasures

1. Girly tv shows
2. Bubble baths filled with Lush bath bombs
3. Chocolate, yummm
4. Glamour & InStyle magazines
5. Shopping by myself in the middle of the day
6. Wandering Target with a nice drink {Diet coke or Caramel Apple Spice}
7. Buying a new book from Barnes & Noble and just reading away

seven things you love about love

1. Waking up next to my best friend everyday
2. I can look absolutely hideous, but still am told I'm beautiful
3. Unlimited hugs & kisses
4. Always having love & support
5. Fun date nights!
6. Laughing at the same things
7. Building a life we both want, together

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Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love baths with LUSH products. They are the best!