Breezy Days: Weekend Update: BYU Football Monsoon


September 9, 2013

Weekend Update: BYU Football Monsoon

My parents were in Utah for a cousin's wedding and decided to make a quick weekend trip out of it by staying with Ryan & I for a couple nights {plus they dropped off my Lucille, yessss!}. We snagged tickets for the BYU vs. Texas game on Saturday because even though both my parents attended BYU, my dad had only been to one game while my mom had never even been in the stadium!
We got all decked out in our BYU gear, grabbed our anoraks for the 40% chance of rain, hopped in the car, and made our way over to campus to find a close parking spot. When getting out of the car, we noticed that the dark clouds were quickly moving towards Provo, in a creepy Wizard-of-Oz-flying-monkeys-are-coming-to-attack-you sort of way. We brushed it off thinking that it would pass over soon, were not too worried about it, and kept pressing forward!
Ok, the clouds were moving in WAY too fast, it looked like someone was hitting the fast forward button on a VHS tape! So of course, I had to stop and take pictures...for the blog. As we kept on foraging our way towards the stadium, the winds were getting harsher with every passing second and I thought I was gonna get blown off the sidewalk! It was the most blustery windstorm I had ever been caught in, and while we kept on moving forward some families took cover under a tree, hoping the winds would soon calm down.
Then it started POURING. Insanely ridiculous downpour! As the raindrops fell, they stung the backside of my legs with every single pelting drop. It burns it burns! We were instantly were the poor tickets. My mom & I took off our California sandals/espadrilles and continued barefoot to the LaVell Edwards stadium, only to find that because of the monsoon-like weather and lightening, that the game had been cancelled until further notice. 
Ryan's extensive football knowledge gave us hope that the game would go on. He said that once the lightening stops, they will start a 55 minute countdown until kickoff; this was then confirmed by our good friends on Twitter. The boys hiked to the other side of campus to grab the car while my mom & I drip dried under the bless-ed cover of the Hinckley building. 
It would then become absolutely necessary to procure some delicious 7-11 hot chocolate {my favorite} on the way home to dry off & warm up at the 'lil yellow brick house. Once we got to the house...did we forget to close the windows before we left? Why yes, of course! We ran around closing windows, mopping up puddles, throwing sopping wet clothes in the dryer, and blow-drying tickets...waiting with baited breath for go-time. 
From ByuTv we got the go-ahead. Game time. 55 minute countdown starts now. SCORE.
We put on our newly warm & dried clothes, found an even closer parking spot and walked amongst the excited BYU fans to the stadium. We were FINALLY here!
Seeing as how we are a basketball family, we drew on Ryan's football knowledge {ahem, obsession} when needing clarification on rules and calls. We cheered when we needed to, which was the most important part. And how often did we sing the BYU victory song? TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT {ok, I'm sure you could count it, but it was a lot}. It was freaking awesome! We picked the best game ever to come to! And you know what? It only sprinkled a couple times the entire game. Completely amazing, especially since we were stuck in a massive thunderstorm only a couple hours previous.
After the game we hit up Smiths to pick up some lasagna & pizza to make for dinner. We made food then promptly fell asleep. We were all tuckered out! Granted, even with the rain it was probably some of the best fun I've had in a while. Go Cougs!

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Bree said...

Aww that sounds like so much fun!! I'm sure you guys had a great time and were laughing at the ridiculousness of the rain storm! :D I'm glad you got to enjoy the game.

And when watching NFL, when in doubt- cheer for Peyton Manning on the Broncos or JJ Watt on the Texans! You'll win everytime. :D