Breezy Days: My Partner in Crime


September 12, 2013

My Partner in Crime

This past Monday when I was logged into gmail I noticed that Evan was online sending his weekly email, so I sent off a short: "HI EVAN!!!" Knowing that he is busy, I was just hoping that I might be able to catch him. He sent a quick response: "Hey, I know you want to chat but I don't have that much time. I hope you like all the pictures I sent. Remember to keep studying your Spanish! Love you a ton! I'll send you an email next week :)" 

Evan and I are 15 months apart, which means we are about as close to twins as you can get and definite partners in crime. He is my opposite in more ways than one; where I'm loud he is usually quiet and where I'm more artsy/creative he is very math/science minded. Although, we've always bonded over ballroom dancing, jazz music, and reading. He has already been out on his mission for 6 months, and it feels like the time has gone by so fast! Then I try not to think of the year and a half still left to go.
I have Evan's old laptop and used his Spotify account for my Jazz History class. While looking through some of his random playlists I found one filled with Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and other similar music...I listened to a few songs and started to get teary eyed. He is the only other family member who has a passion for jazz music like myself, and suddenly it made my heart hurt. 
{There is Jesse crying about being Pegasus, hahaha}

I remembered a time about a year and a half ago when I drove to school late at night, by myself {from Orem, 15 min away} to take an exam in the testing center. Upon finishing the test and looking at my score on the screen, I realized that I had bombed it. My heart sunk. I sulked down to the freshmen dorms where my car was parked and texted Evan, asking him where he was at. He responded that he was finishing up some dinner, but would come and say hi before I went home {not knowing what he was walking in to}. I waited by the exit to his dorm building and saw Evs walk out of the cafeteria building. I had held it in for so long, and was planning on holding it in 'till I got back to the house...but when I saw him, all the tears over this dumb test came flowing out. 

He immediately gave me a warm hug, then took my keys & backpack off my hands, put his arm around me and we walked to the car. He hopped in the drivers seat, popped in his iPod and turned on some upbeat jazz music. Then went on to tell me about all the interesting tidbits he was learning in his Jazz History class, rambling just to get my mind off the failed test. He started driving around and we found ourselves at 7-11, where he knows my favorite hot chocolate resides. He paid for both of our cups, we got back in the car and drove around town talking about happy stuff until I calmed down. Such a simple & thoughtful gesture from one of my best friends of 20 years, {kind of like that one time he biked almost 7 miles, in the night, to see me on my birthday}. I ventured home with a smile on my face...feeling infinitely loved.
{Left: we used to climb on the fence to say hi and talk to the people on the main street walking by...hence being partners in crime! Right: The Doctor, who is not impressed with our outfits.}

That's why he is my best friend & brother, he just gets me.  
Miss & love ya Elder Evs, can't wait until you're home!


Lex said...

Awwww. He sounds like a great guy, and is probably such a wonderful missionary! You guys were definitely blessed to be so close in age and to get along so well. :)

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

oh my gosh he is the sweetest brother ever!!! What a sweet post. It made me miss my brother too ): and omg the pegasus. CUTEST pic!

Natalie said...

that is such a sweet story. and post! glad we're in the same writing class now so you can teach me your ways!
(from natalie, who sometimes sits in front of you and met you in the movie theater bathroom!)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is such a sweet post Bri! That's awesome that you guys are so close in age. My nephew and niece are the same, just 14 months apart!

Exploring My Style