Breezy Days: Blog Updates


September 21, 2013

Blog Updates

I don't know if you've noticed...but I have a new blog design layout and I couldn't be more excited about it! I emailed Kalee from Fred Rongo to see if she did blog design {because her site is adorable, as is she with her 'lil baby bump!}, and asked if she would mind re-designing my site. She was extremely patient with me while I explained what I wanted in my design and whipped up such a darling layout. She is starting up her blog design business, and with her graphic design education she is a total whiz on the computer! 

Also, in regards to sponsors I've switched from using the Passionfruit site to Adproval. I did this because I still want to primarily do swaps with other bloggers with only a few big paid spots. Being the college student that I am, unfortunately I couldn't justify doing the monthly fee for button swaps. Although, my friend Matthew over at Adproval has been an angel sent from bloggy heaven! He has totally hopped in & helped with any questions about the site and button swaps, even giving me tips on how to find paid sponsors for my sidebar when I choose to go down that road. How cool is that?

Comment or email me with any questions! And go ahead and submit your 250x100 sized swap button :)


Rachel said...

I haven't figured out signed up for Adproval yet, but I'm sure I'll do it one of these days!

jules! ( said...

LOVEEE the new layout girl. it's adorable just like you! i need to get in to doing ad swaps again soon! :)