Breezy Days: Practice, Practice, Practice


September 19, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

Wanna know why I'm here at 1 in the morning? I just really need a break from this English project that is currently frying my brain in a saucepan {if you were curious, I'm writing a children's magazine article about how Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire brought romance and hope to American audiences during the Great Depression, cool huh?} Anyways, I'm just thinking about how this semester is going to be a crazy one. Although none of my classes are difficult in the scholastic sense, my schedule is grueling because it takes so much time

Piano lessons? 5 hours a week. 
Voice lessons? 3 hours a week. 
Conducting? 2 hours a week. 
Latin dance? 2-3 hours a week. 
Choir class? A 3 hour retreat & 2 concert reports. 

Did I mention that these are just practice hours and that they are in addition to the time I already spend in class? Plus, I still have Intro to Jazz, Music Fundamentals, and Writing About Arts & Humanities sprinkled in with the classes above. {Which comes to a total of 14 credits and 8 separate courses}.
{My 25-minute walk home from school}

Even though I might twitch and complain about the workload sometimes {and it might occasionally be warranted}...I secretly love every minute. I literally sang all day today. This morning in voice lesson, when practicing piano, during University Chorale, driving to and from school, then finally during my 2 hour Conducting class. Have I mentioned that singing is one of my top 3 most favorite things in the world? It's pretty awesome that I'm technically "required" to sing, dance, and play the piano every new neighbors downstairs are gonna loooove me ;)


Anonymous said...

whaaaat! i didn't know you're studying music!!!i'm studying a bachelor of music :)

Rachel said...

It's awesome that you truly love what you're studying! 14 credits doesn't sound too crazy, but when all those classes require practice hours--that means you're busy!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That sounds like quite the courseload! My roommate in college was a music major and she had 8 classes a semester on top of all the practice she had to do too (she plays oboe).

At least it's something you love doing right? :)

Exploring My Style