Breezy Days: What's in My Work Bag


June 3, 2016

What's in My Work Bag

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I'm always on-the-go with my job as the Provo Office Manager and Head of Housing at a coding school. I work from the Salt Lake campus, collaborate with students, and organize events. I don't always have the time to stop by home to fix my hair/outfit between work and a night event, or to grab an energy drink to get through the rest of the day. My life is in my bag, and I like to be prepared for anything!

Here's a quick look at what I typically have in my work bag at any given time. It's usually mingled with a bunch of receipts and bags of almonds, but I've taken those out for pictures sake ;)

1. Energems & Treats
That afternoon slump is killer! I've recently picked up Energems from Walmart as an addition to my work bag and love how they are both a chocolate treat and an energy boost. Double whammy! I found them in the sports nutrition section by the pharmacy. It satisfies my sweets craving with one bite and helps me get through the rest of the work day when I'm cranking out design mock-ups. 

Energems are the perfect dose of caffeine, so I don't have to down an energy drink to get that pep back in my step. With the combination of caffeine and B vitamins for energy, there is also no jitters when I've taken this. Say what?! It's been awesome! There's no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; and it's made with real dark chocolate. The bottle is lightweight enough to throw in my purse and super convenient when I need that boost of energy for a meeting :) You can get $2 off on Energems here if you want to try them out!

2. Accessories, Bobby Pins, Hair Ties, and Makeup
I don't know how it happens, but I always have a pair of earrings in my purse and it changes from week to week. When I'm working a full day in the office and then running a night event at work, it's nice to have options with my hair and accessories! I'll pull my hair back with bobby pins or a hair tie, throw on some earrings, touch up my brows, and toss on some gloss. BAM. Looking fabulous.

3. Tide to-go 
I am so clumsy. At least every other day I'm spilling some sort of food or drink on myself. I keep a bleach pen in my purse at all times for the "what if" moment. Also, you get karma points when you offer it to a co-worker or friend who is desperately trying to wipe off a stained piece of clothing. 

4. Headphones
Some days I just need to be in-the-zone when working on emails or a project. I always have my Beats or some earbuds in my purse so I can tune out the world and focus. Doesn't hurt that it also makes me look uber stylin' ;)

5. Sunglasses & Car Keys
Bug eye tortoise sunglasses are my JAM. I keep buying the same pair every summer and I don't even care if it's not adventurous. They are the best. 

Keys are a given to have in my work bag. I usually have the master set of keys for campus and master set for housing in my bag as well. Too many keyyyysssss.

The "I Love My Missionary" keychain has been on my keys since my brother Evan left on his LDS mission 3 years ago. Our youngest brother Jesse is currently on a mission, so I decided to keep the keychain on :)

6. Lotion
Utah weather is dry and sucks the life and moisture out of my skin. I love trying out new lotions and always have one in my purse for my dry hands and elbows. 

7. Pill Box
I recently got this little pink pill box holder and think it's so cute! I throw in allergy and pain pills so I have them on hand whenever I need them.

8. iPhone
Last but definitely not least. My iPhone! I enjoy picking out a new phone case every few months depending on the season, this summer is bright colorful fruits. Too cute!

What's your work bag look like? 
What do you do to keep your energy up during the work day?


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, you ARE busy! No wonder you have to have your life in your bag! I'm seriously loving those accessories, I want some earrings like that. And here in Utah Lotion is a MUST in all bags!! Gah, so dry!
And no wonder you need to keep Energems in your bag. I'm exhausted just reading what all you need to do -client

Sophie Grace said...

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