Breezy Days: Tassels & Top Knots


May 31, 2016

Tassels & Top Knots

Summer is here! My vacations are just around the corner, and the sun is out to burn me to pieces haha Lately it has been crazy at work (let's be real, when is it not), but it's been a good kind of crazy. I'm currently working with developers to create software for my work and I'm over the moon excited! I finally get to flex my UX designer muscles by doing the Admin and User interfaces for a website, and overseeing another team with the creation of an app. Life is good :) 

This necklace from Standing Goose is the epitome of summer. This season it has been crazy popular on jewelry, shoes, blouses, pretty much everything! It's lightweight and I'm excited to pair it with more boho-inspired looks. 

What trends are you dying over this summer? And what vacations do you guys have planned?!

Dress: Shop Stevie
Tassel necklace c/o Standing Goose
Staci sandals c/o Shoedazzle
Lash Extensions & Eyebrow Microblading: Layers n' Lashes

1 comment:

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