Breezy Days: Moving to the Little Blue Townhome


May 13, 2016

Moving to the Little Blue Townhome

I don't think I've really brought this up here on the blog, mostly because there have been more important/exciting things to write about when I finally get the chance to hop on and write.

Back in November, Ryan & I were at our wits end with the yellow brick house management. They were threatening to kick us out over the dumbest things even though we paid our rent every month, took great care of the property, and even improved it at our own cost. The place didn't have proper A/C or heating, the utilities were split in (I'm sure) an illegal way, and the management company was dishonest and slimy.

We had been casually looking online for new places, but nothing ever felt right. Then if something was within our price range during our online searches; I'd think about all the time, effort, and money it would take to move. BARF. That would be enough to convince myself to be content for another month or so; or at least until another issue with management.

I started to get real fed up with the ridiculous high pricing of Provo family housing, especially since most of it hadn't been updated since the 80s.

"How can landlords get away with this here? It's practically stealing! I'm not paying $900 a month to live in a basement with rats."

That's a rant for another time ;)

Ryan took on the home search brigade and came to me the Tuesday before Thanksgiving with a listing for a 3bd 2.5 bathroom townhome on the west side of Provo. It looked beautiful. But isn't it too big? Do we need that much space? It might be a touch above our budget? But gosh, I'll finally have heating and A/C! I haven't had that in years!

We toured the place on Wednesday, then signed paperwork that night to move in on Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

My family and friends love us a whole dang lot, because moving was a beast in the cold dreary weather. But we are all moved in and have been decorating up a storm!

You never know how much crap you have until you have to move and store all of it. We ended up selling, donating, and trashing a lot of our belongings and it feels like a good start to a new chapter.

We're happily on the other side of Provo, where I have a functioning thermostat and a washer/dryer all to myself. You could say we're pretty content over here :)


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Yay for having a house that's nice to live in! I love how you notice how much stuff you have when you move-I always end up trashing so much. It just builds up over time!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

We lived in a basement with no heating or AC too. It was awful. We finally got a space heater and the landlord would sneak into our basement apartment when we were gone and turn it off. I got really sick and couldn't get better... needless to say we moved out after three months. It was such a mess to move and I feel you!

The pictures you put here are so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more photos of the place :)