Breezy Days: Missed The Fitness Marshall


February 16, 2017

Missed The Fitness Marshall

Oh hey guys, long time no see! I am going to work on getting on the blog better to say hi and give ya some quick updates :) 

A couple weekends ago I flew down to California to go with my mom to dance with The Fitness Marshall in LA. I was so stoked because I absolutely love his cardio dance videos, they are a blast and I work up a total sweat. Try out his "Me Too" dance video, it was the gateway drug for me ;)

It was only supposed to be an hour and a half drive, and we drove for over 2 hours and were still an hour away from the venue...

I was insanely bummed, but that's California traffic for ya! Missed the whole thing, lameeee. But when I complained via Twitter (cause what else is Twitter for), Caleb Marshall responded and said that he was bummed that we missed it and said thanks for supporting him! So that made it a little bit better ;) 

The next day we soaked our sadness away at Glen Ivy Hot Springs and Spa which is only a few minutes down the road from my parents place. Aka no crazy traffic was happening! haha

We dipped in the saline pools, mineral water, had some fun at Club Mud, and finished off with a pink drink from Starbucks and reading magazines by the pool. It was the PERFECT day! 75 degrees outside, not a worry in the world, and a fun day hanging with my parents :)

The rest of the visit was going out to eat, chilling at my parents house watching recorded episodes of Real Housewives, and enjoying the warm weather. A solid weekend! 

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