Breezy Days: The Path to Online Security


March 12, 2015

The Path to Online Security

Nowadays my generation tend to put a LOT of our personal information online. I'm sure we don't even realize how much private info we are sharing with websites and social media apps. That is an extremely scary thought!! Especially when I see some heinous pictures from years and years ago...

Luckily there are programs out there that can help protect my personal information and even back it up on all of my electronic devices! Since tax season is upon us, then we've all got to think about the sensitive information we are submitting online about our partners and/or dependents. Protect your digital presence with Norton Security with different programs such as: Norton Security, Norton Security With Backup, and Norton Small Business.

^The path to online security! ;)

There is a program for you and all of your family's needs! What makes this an even easier decision to purchase online security is that there are Norton coupon codes! It's a win-win if you ask me :) Be safe online my friends!

*This post was sponsored by & Norton Security*

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Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I struggled with whether or not I would share my daughter's name on the blog for this exact reason. It seems like most bloggers disclose their full names (I don't), spouse's names (I don't do that either), and children's names -- but I still hesitated. In the end, I shared her name, but I still don't have my last name connected to my blog at all. I'm sure people can figure it out through connected social media accounts, but still. I'd rather my blog not come up if someone Googles my legal name. I work in HR, so that explains that. :)