Breezy Days: Birthday Party in a Box


April 17, 2016

Birthday Party in a Box

My youngest brother Jesse is serving and LDS mission in Louisville, Kentucky. He has already been out for over 6 months, which is just crazy to me! Time has flown by :) His 20th birthday was last Monday, so Evan (the middle brother) and myself put together this "birthday party in a box"!


We threw in a 'Happy Birthday' banner, candles, candy, party hats, tabletop tennis, a piñata, candy and some letters from us and a few of his friends. 

Obviously needed some Monster to get through the day haha

Evs had fun stuffing the mini piñata, it's so cute I'm gonna dieeeeeee.

He got his box last weekend, and he looked like he had a blast with it! Happy birthday Elder Jess :) 

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