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November 15, 2016

Smile Brilliant

Have I told you that I won 'Best Smile' in high school? Probably not, because high school doesn't matter after you graduate haha! I was pretty excited though because my smile is what I would consider one of my best assets. I've taken a lot of effort throughout the years to keep my smile pristine, but some times I've slacked and my smile isn't as dazzling as I want it to be. I received this Smile Brilliant kit where they had me create custom fitted whitening trays at home, which brought my smile back to where I want it to be and it was soooo easy to use.

Smile Brilliant sent me an at-home kit with instructions on how to make my own teeth impressions to create the custom whitening trays, I had my brother help me out and then I was ready to mail them in! I received them back within a week and a half and read the directions below on how to use my trays. I do have sensitive teeth, so using the desensitizing gel has been a lifesaver.

I made sure to follow the instructions closely, and have been whitening my teeth consistently for the past week and a half. I've already seen such a difference in my smile and confidence! :)

Below are my before and after pictures, crazy awesome difference with just a few uses! There are so many great before/after pics online, just check out Kelli Tanner's video on her teeth whitening experience hereSmile Brilliant wants to offer a $20 discount to the first 20 readers who use my code breezydays20! Only one order away from getting a dazzling smile for the holidays! 

Teeth whitening kit c/o Smile Brilliant
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