Breezy Days: Core Strengthening Exercises + Live Infinitely Giveaway


January 8, 2017

Core Strengthening Exercises + Live Infinitely Giveaway

I'm gonna go ahead and hop on that New Years Resolution "get healthy" bandwagon. You know why? Cause it never hurts to keep going after this goal! I've done well in the past with completing the 12 week Kayla Itsines BBG guide, keeping a running regimen for 3 months (btw I really don't like running unless Fixer Upper is on the tv), and back in October I joined a yoga studio in Downtown Provo!

What I've found with doing yoga 3-4 times a week is that I have zero core strength. EVERYTHING in yoga requires core strength! I was sent this Live Infinitely Anti-Burst Exercise Ball, and am determined to get my core into better shape so I can finally do some killer headstands. Here are some exercises that I've been doing which are pretty basic, yet effective when building those muscles. 

And stay tuned for your chance to get your hands on your own exercise ball and fruit infuser water bottle!

One of the main tips on this is to keep the chin lifted and not hunch your shoulders forward! Make sure to engage your core, and use those muscles to pull yourself up. 

Decline Planks
I found it easiest to get my legs situated on the ball then get my arms in place. Guys. If you thought regular planks is hard, then try this for 3 rounds of 20 seconds.

Roll In & Roll Out
This is a good "I'm not gonna die but this will work out my core" move. Roll your arms back and forth on the ball and engage your core as you move back and forth to keep balance. This is mostly to rehab after doing crunches and decline planks. 

You ready for this? Live Infinitely wants to help you reach your goals, and they are giving one Breezy Days reader a Anti-Burst Exercise Ball and 32oz Infuser Water Bottle & Reusable Gel Freezer Ball

Head over to my latest Instagram post to enter :)  

Racerback Tank Top c/o Live Infinitely
Workout floral leggings: Victorias Secret (similar)
Flyknit training shoes: Nike (similar)

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Unknown said...

Awesome! I really need to get my core back in shape! I had a baby 3.5 years ago.I was doing good for a while working out but stomach is my worst area too...I'd love to get it back in some sort of shape and start working out again!