Breezy Days: Top Hits of 2016


December 30, 2016

Top Hits of 2016

Finishing my UI/UX Design Class
This time last year I was preparing for my User Interface/User Experience Design class I was taking at DevMountain. The time really does fly by! It was a 16-week course starting in January that I took Tuesday/Thursday nights from 6-9pm and Saturday from 9-2pm.

While it was brutal at times since I work full time at DevMountain (aka students thought I was available 24/7 haha), I absolutely LOVED it! I've had a few UI/UX jobs since the course and enjoy growing in that field.

Decorating Our New Home
We moved into our little blue townhome Thanksgiving break of 2015, so earlier this year we really started to make it feel more like home. After saving up, I was able to get the Anthropologie bedding I wanted and was happy with the fresh start. 

Melanoma Part 2 & 3
I had a spot taken off my back and another taken off my arm, in the same place as my first melanoma. It was a really rough time for me, physically and emotionally. But I have the best support system a girl could ask for. 

My BFF Sam's Wedding
My best friend Sam got married to her hubby David this past June! Sam and I have been friends all growing up, so it was a blast to be a bridesmaid and a part of her special day :)

5 Year Anniversary in St George
Ryan and I celebrated our 5 years married by taking a weekend trip to St George to stay at this gorgeous Inn on the Cliff and to see Tarzan in the outdoor Tuacahn theater!

Yosemite + Santa Cruz Trip
We went with my family to a few day trip in Yosemite (amazing btw), and decided to spend the last 2 days of our trip in Santa Cruz at the pier and hanging with one another. While it was a looooong drive back, it was totally worth it. 

DevMountain Work Promotion
This past October marks 2 years I've been working at the tech school, DevMountain. I've absolutely loved being a part of the company's growth and was over-the-moon when I got a promotion in August! The company is growing like a weed, so I'm excited to see where I end up next!

Arizona Trip: Rams v. Cardinals NFL Game
As we all know Ryan is a HUGE football fan. He has always been a Rams fan, and I became one once they moved to Los Angeles ;) We found some cheap football game tickets in Arizona, and decided to make a long weekend trip. We hit up the game and visited with some of our good friends, the Lunds and Holmes! 

Ryan's 30th birthday
He turned the dirty thirty this year, isn't that wild? While he isn't a huge fan of Halloween (I am haha), I threw a Halloween themed birthday party and invited all our friends! Ryan picked our costumes and we dressed up as Benny the Jet Rodriguez and Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot. And no he didn't want to be Squints haha

BYU Homecoming Game + BYU 
We all got ROC passes this year since Ryan and Evan are still students. That way my parents can come hit up some games while they are up visiting! My dad flew up to come with us to the Homecoming game and it was MIND BLOWING! Such a great game from top to bottom. Also, Ryan is officially ONE YEAR from being done with his business degree. Can we say hallelujah? 

Universal Studios Christmas Break Trip
Rounding out the end of our 2016 lineup, is our Christmas break in California. Evan and Ryan were absolutely pooped after all their finals, and I was ready for a break from work. We were down there for a week and mostly vegged, hung out with friends/family, opened presents, hit up Universal for the first time, and did some more vegging. It was a break well spent :)

Excited to welcome 2017 with open arms!

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