Breezy Days: Fruit-Infused Detox Water Recipes


December 4, 2016

Fruit-Infused Detox Water Recipes

Ryan razzes me all the time because I'm on the never-ending search to find the perfect water bottle. We have so many in our house, and the last couple of infuser water bottles I've picked have been a huge disappointment.

That's why I was so excited to get this Infuser Water Bottle from Live Infinitely! It has a reusable freezer gel ball that instantly cools down my drinks! Say what?! There is a good sized core to put the fruit in, and the flip-up topper is easy to use. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite detox water recipes, and the benefits to drinking water with those particular ingredients. I need to be sipping on these fruit-infused waters stat to clear out my system after all the holiday treats haha! 

Cucumber, lime, and lemon
Benefits: flushes toxins, aids digestion, boosts the immune system, rejuvenates skin, and fights inflammation.

Raspberries, lemon, and mint
Benefits: flushes toxins, fights inflammation, rich in antioxidants, boots immune system, aids digestion, eases stomachaches, fights depression, and rejuvenates skin.

Oranges, blueberries, and mint
Benefits: flushes toxins, boosts immune systems, fights inflammation, rich in antioxidants, aids digestion, eases stomachaches, and fights depression. 

What are your favorite detox drink recipes? I'm always looking for more! In the meantime, check out this Infuser Water Bottle from Live Infinitely, it is seriously the bomb :)

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