Breezy Days: New York Travel Guide: Day 4


January 4, 2018

New York Travel Guide: Day 4

This was our last day visiting New York City, and it was absolutely perfect weather. Sunny, with a bit of a breeze :) Here is what we did! 

Bike through Central Park
We rented a couple of bikes with baskets and rode around Central Park. It was surreal to bike from the busy city streets into this earthy & quiet scene. It seriously got so quiet once we were in the middle of the park! We grabbed a map then made sure to hit all the water features and points of interest. When returning the bikes we passed by LDS Manhattan temple, and it looked beautiful!

Visit Fishes Eddy
My friend Amelia suggested this store to me, cause she knows me too well! There were adorable kitchen dishware, home decor knick knacks, and the perfect place for unique souvenirs.

Dine at Eataly
I am drooling while writing this! I'm typically not a huge Italian food fan, but eating here was out of this world. We had fresh mozzarella, insanely delicious pasta, and finished off our indulgent meal with Nutella crepes and gelato.

There was a restaurant, grocery store, dessert counters, and more all stuffed into this store front. It was such a fun place to stop!

Old Navy for NY T-shirts
I didn't want overpriced hideous souvenir t-shirts, and luckily Old Navy had cute/affordable options! Each of our shirts was around $10-12, so Ryan and I picked up 2 each.

Day 4 Itinerary
1. Bike through Central Park
2. Fishes Eddy
3. Eataly
4. Old Navy for cute NY t-shirts

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