Breezy Days: Create a New Habit


January 21, 2018

Create a New Habit

Who is ever any good at holding to New Years resolutions? I'm sure not!

I think it becomes overwhelming; all the work that has to be done to finally be fit, read 100 books, send out birthday cards to all friends/family, etc. 

Luckily I've gotten a jumpstart on my goals this year. A few months ago I started working out consistently with some super fit friends doing BBG and hot yoga/pilates multiple times a week. I feel amazing after each workout. Progress!

One of Ryan's favorite books is "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business". While I haven't delved into it yet (on my list!),  I've read a few chapters and what stuck out to me is how to create a new habit.

Sidenote: I'm on the Goodreads train, follow me and I'll follow back!

The short version is this. We go through the cycle below for each habit, and if we want to change something we have got to change the routine.

1. Cue. A trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode, and which routine to use.
2. Routine. Physical, mental, or emotional behavior that follows the cue.
3. Reward. A positive stimulus that tells your brain that the routine works well, and is worth remembering.

For example, one of my goals this year is to not eat as many cookies. 

My CUE is stress, boredom, or being tired.

The ROUTINE is ordering from Chip Cookies or driving through Sodalicious. 

My REWARD is the great customer interactions with those businesses, the sugar rush of eating the cookie, and a moment to relax. 

Changing this habit will affect my wallet, waistline, and mental health. So of course I want to change it! I've already started to change the ROUTINE by working out, taking a bubble bath, or just going to sleep. 

It takes a concerted effort, but once I became more aware of my habit loop I was determined to change it!

This post has a more in-depth look at The Habit Loop, or purchase the book! 

What habit do you want to change this year?

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