Breezy Days: International Salon & Spa Expo


February 8, 2018

International Salon & Spa Expo

Once my youngest brother went on his church mission, my mom decided to pursue a dream she's been talking about for years. She signed up for cosmetology school :) She graduated from cosmetology school and passed her test back in December, and I'm so proud of her for it! 

It's been way fun learning from her and getting to enjoy the beauty industry together. I've hopped in to help with the instagram marketing and the operations for her new business, Anna Chris Designs. As part of a business trip (ahem and girls weekend), we signed up for the International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA this past month.  

The show floor was INSANE. Loud music, crazy hairstyles, everyone wearing black, and so many booths filled with beauty products. It was pretty overwhelming and awesome all at the same time! 

While my mom attended paid education classes to up her barbering and coloring skills, I hit the free classes and learned a ton! My favorites were the instagram marketing class by Daniel Mason Jones, how to do waves 4 different ways, and a salon business coaching class

It's been fun to up my business knowledge by expanding into a different industry, and it's always a blast to hang with my mom. WHO IS THE BEST by the way. Follow her on instagram for fun hair content! 

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