Breezy Days: French Onion Beef Slider Recipe


February 27, 2018

French Onion Beef Slider Recipe

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My brothers live nearby, which means at any moment I could be hosting an impromptu party with friends and family! I always keep Coca-Cola®  products in my fridge, and our new favorites have been these flavored Diet Cokes®. They still have the same delicious taste, but with a ritzy new can and different flavors to choose from! 

Currently my fridge is stocked with the Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry, which inspired me to whip up this beef slider recipe. The dark cherry taste matches perfectly with the dark protein :) 

Below are all the new flavors that you can pick from, and you should take this quiz to see which flavor you're matched to! I picked up my drinks from Smith's in the 8-pack, but you can also sang the single on-the-go cans to try out each flavor. 

Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry
Diet Coke® Twisted Mango (one of my favorites!) 
Diet Coke® Ginger Lime (so good) 
Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange
Diet Coke® Classic Diet Coke

24 count of slider rolls 
8 tablespoons (1 stick) of butter
2 large sweet yellow onions (sliced)
2-3lbs of ground beef
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire
2 tablespoons of beef base (Better than Boullion)
14 oz gruyere cheese
Sesame seeds
Fresh thyme
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Sea salt 
Ground black peppercorn

Toss 2 tablespoons of butter on medium heat, melt and then lower heat before adding sliced onions. 

Stir occasionally, let the onions caramelize for about 20-30 minutes. Time to get cracking on the other parts of this recipe while these onions are cookin'! 

Add half of the worcestershire (1 tablespoon) and half of the beef base (1 tablespoon) to a bowl then mix. 

Put in 2-3lbs of ground beef, then mix. Season with salt and pepper. 

Once onions are caramelized, add in beef mixture and cook.

After browned, drain excess grease. 

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees, and let's get started on the sauce topper. 

Melt the rest of the butter in the microwave, then add other halves of worcestershire (1 tablespoon) and beef base (1 tablespoon). Mix and get your pastry brush ready. 

Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan with non-stick spray. Slice slider buns, and place bottom half snuggly into the pan. 

Set aside the bun tops. 

Spread beef & onion mixture evenly on the slider buns. 

Top with chopped gruyere cheese. Can never have enough cheese ;)

Place the bun tops back on!  

Brush on sauce topper with pastry brush. 

Sprinkle fresh thyme, onion powder, garlic powder, and sesame seeds on top of the sliders. 

Toss in the oven until cheese is melted, and tops are browned for around 20 minutes. 

Cut and serve with Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry!

What party would you make this recipe for? What Diet Coke® flavor did you get matched with?

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Unknown said...

Yum!! Love the idea of baking sliders, I've never thought about making them that way before--usually I toast everything separately, this is so much better! ~ Client