Breezy Days: Harmons of Holladay


March 5, 2018

Harmons of Holladay

I visited the new Harmons location in Holladay, UT and it was absolutely gorgeous! I traveled up north with my blogger friend Kyla, and we were excited to check out all that Harmons has to offer. Our tour guide was the store nutritionist (yes, that's a thing!), Ashley, who gave us all the inside deets. Keep reading for the top things you need to know about Harmons! 

Some of the tidbits that popped out to me the most were the following:

-All bakery items are made fresh every day, the bakers start at 3am!
-Harmon's focuses on working with local businesses, such as my favorite Redmond Real Salt
-Some local farms have a specific section dedicated to growing produce for Harmons stores 
-There are Cheese Specialists that travel to Italy to source the best possible cheese (literally my dream come true)
-There are 200+ cheese options! 

-Cooking classes are available for small or large parties, and it can be as hands-on as you'd like it to be. Or you can have their highly trained chefs cook for you :)
-There is an in-store nutritionist who helps you shop for your families dietary needs
-There are tags on "nutritionist approved" items in the store, makes it easier to shop healthy! 
-Harmons has the largest floral facilities in the state of Utah 

This location is one of the smaller Harmons in Utah, but they didn't skimp whatsoever on providing the best for their shoppers. Their customer service was top notch, there are tons of variety, AND there is Ruby Snap cookies in the freezer section. Don't know how you can get much better than that ;)

store tour & swag bag c/o Harmons of Holladay 

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