Breezy Days: Crazy Lady in Stripes


March 8, 2018

Crazy Lady in Stripes

How the heck are we already in March?! With work I'm always looking 3-4 weeks ahead, and didn't realize how much time was passing by. Although we've had a few exciting things happen over the past few months!

First off, I bought a car! After poor Lucille died last summer, Ryan & I have been sharing his Toyota Camry. Which thankfully has next to no car issues. I ended up getting a 2015 Honda Accord Sport, which I'm SO stoked about. I got the darkest tint I legally could get, and now have a back-up camera. I'm rollin in style ;) 

Another update is that Ryan graduated in December, and is on the job hunt! Since his major (Experience Design and Management) is an emerging science, it's been interesting looking for what job would fit him best. We've been finding Product Manager, People + Culture Associate, and Customer Design positions are the best fit. But since he's got so much sales experience, people keeping reaching out about sales jobs. Which he's flattered, but is wanting to break into a new career! We're hoping by the end of this month or beginning of April he'll have something on lockdown. 

Lastly, if you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen..but Ryan & I are going to Switzerland! We booked the trip with a couple of our close friends, and are looking forward to out 7-year anniversary / graduation / Christmas / birthday present trip :D

Thanks for following along! 

Shoes: Anthropologie (old)
Initial Necklace: Made By Mary