Breezy Days: Goodbye Lucille


August 7, 2017

Goodbye Lucille

Driving to Park City in 2010.

Lucille has been with me since early 2009.

Our getaway car after the wedding & reception.

She's seen me through a break-up with my high school boyfriend, graduating high school in CA, beginning college in UT, starting a forest fire with freshmen friends, stealing Krispy Kreme donuts at midnight out of the trash can, moving to 7 different homes, meeting/dating/then marrying Ryan, she picked me up from my big melanoma surgery in 2011, and she's helped me give service to friends and family.

Took forever to get this "Just Married" off the back of Lucille since it was done in poster paint. 

She had her final breakdown.

On the 15 southbound freeway driving home from work in Salt Lake City last Wednesday.

She overheated, then it took me over an hour to drive her 5 miles to the auto shop.  I stopped every few minutes for the engine to cool down, so I could moving forward without the engine blowing up.

Driving the ladies crew up to SLC for a Bachelorette party. 

I've been planning on upgrading my 2001 VW Jetta, but now that the time has actually come I've caught 'the feels'.

I'll be donating her to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah this week, and just wanted to tell her thanks for all the good times. Thanks for taking care of me through my late teens/early 20's. And thanks for being an important character in my story.

Lucille Highlights

-Backed Lucille into a rock when the cops had me move her out of the way. My guy friends set a minor forest fire and we needed to make room for the fire trucks. She got a new bumper.
-Got in a 4-car pile up with Lucille my first September at college. Was pretty brutal!

"Mountain Man Montana, Sunny So-Cal, and Usual Utah"
Lucille drove to Oregon, back to Southern California, then up to Utah. Where me and Ryan would move into our first semi-permanent apartment as a married couple!

"Unexpected Kindness"
When Lucille's tires got super bald, and a stranger helped put on a spare tire and called a local tire shop to make sure I got taken care of.

When Lucille broke down driving from SoCal back up to Utah. Had to replace the head gasket and engine, it was the beginning of the end.

"Lo's Wild Night Out"
When Lucille took me and the girls up to SLC for a bachelorette party, but only got us to South Salt Lake. The tow truck guy took her away with phallic imagery on cookies and streamers. The ladies live tweeted the whole thing.


Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

I love the fact that I'm not the only person that's seriously bonded with my car! Long live lucille!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Unknown said...

OMG! I remember driving around Senior year with you doing ASB stuff... :(. Good bye old friend.