Breezy Days: Mountain Man Montana; Sunny So-Cal; & Usual Utah


September 11, 2011

Mountain Man Montana; Sunny So-Cal; & Usual Utah

So, this is what we have been up to since the wedding, if I wanted to I could fill this whole blog page with our summer extravaganza, but to spare you and me I'll sparknote AND add pictures to it.

First, we moved to Portland, OR where Ryan sold pest control. (17 hours from Corona, CA)
On a ferry ride from Canby to Lake Oswego.
We went with the Ecofirst team to visit Multnomah Falls.

Next, we went to So-Cal to pick up some more of our wedding stuff.
Eating sushi at Kokoro's in Lake Elsinore, CA
Jesse locking my mom's phone with a message and annoying beeping on a friday visit to On the Border.

After, we drove up to Orem, UT to drop off my car and more stuff in our apartment. (10 hours from Corona)
Celebrating our new place! We ate off of storage boxes and a yoga mat for a week before we moved in all the furniture.

Then, we continued on up to Missoula, MT to stay with the Maki clan. (8 hours from Orem)

Following that, we went to Libby, MT to attend a gorgeous reception on the Maki Ranch. (4 hours from Missoula)
Our ad in the local newspaper :)

After, the reception we drove back down to Orem, UT to start setting up our new home. (12 hours from Libby, MT)
Ryan looking a little sick and tired of driving on our way back to Orem.

Now, we live in a beautiful basement apartment that is now our home after many trips from the storage unit downstairs and much organizing.

Grand total:
68 hours of driving (12 extra for Ryan)
4 trips to the storage unit
10 big pieces of furniture stuffed down the narrow staircase
6 plastic bins full of clothes/scarves/socks/tights to organize
8 boxes of kitchen supplies to unpack
1 bed to put together

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