Breezy Days: Definition of an Easy-Breezy Day


September 23, 2011

Definition of an Easy-Breezy Day

Dress: Francescas, Jacket: American Eagle, Sandals: Charlotte Russe, Bracelets: Home-made

So this is my first EVER post on my long road of being a fashion blogger. This dress was bought pre-wedding and it's been an anchor in my wardrobe ever since. For the longest time I believed that a maxi-dress would make me look more of a midget than I already am (5'3), and would make me look like I'm preggo with my curvacious figure. But, alas I was wrong, or alas I was proved wrong by my mom who actually picked out the dress. I feel elegant/bohemian/adorable in this dress! So for all you midgets, just try it out! Plus this is the debut of my new haircut, bangs a la Reese Witherspoon :)

The button bracelet is one I made with some fabric from Wal-Mart, just messin around and I actually love it. And the other bracelet is a zipper if you couldn't see what that random piece of metal was around my wrist. It has an elephant charm on it :) These things will show up on my "soon to debut" Etsy shop, look at me being all domestic and wife-y. 

<3 Bri

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