Breezy Days: Here's Your Explanation


September 20, 2011

Here's Your Explanation

So I'm sure EVERYONE is wondering why I changed the name of the blog.

+Brios is already in our URL so our namesake is still in this blog :
+I'm the only one ever writing on this, after all my failed attempts to get Ryan to write on this, I decided to re-name and re-vamp it to simplicity AN
+I'm thinking I want to start a fashion blog

A fashion/life blog talks about the going on's in my life AND I dress up and take pictures and have a showcase for all my creative outfits. Fun stuff huh? I was inspired by a few other fashion bloggers who all happen to be MORMON. Which I don't think is a coincidence. To be modest and cute, you gotta be creative. Because any of you who have shopped in your life know that all the modest/cute (not modest old lady stuff) clothes tend to be more expensive, and Mormons tend to be cheapskates. Itso facto Mormons make, thrift, bargain shop, or re-create all their clothing. Or if you want to be cheap, modest, and not have to work for it? Easy solution, a moo moo which you can locate in any local Wal-Mart.

Now that I'm done with a part of my clothing rant I'll go on to explain the blog title.
My name is Brianna (pronounced Bree-ah-na, yes I know it's complicated, you can just stick to...)
My nickname Bri (pronounced Bree, and not spelled Brie like the cheese)
Other nicknames include: Bri, B-ster, BREEZE, Bri-baby, Bee, or Beast-a (please don't ever call me that)
And did you like my little caps lock there in the list? It was to call your attention to my witty play on words. 
Nickname: Breeze=Breezy (said the same way)


Days=all the days I live in my life...

Cute huh? Ya ya ya I'm a nerd, it's one of my many ways of cracking myself up.

Anywhoodle, there you have it. This post is actually a stress relief from my studying of an upcoming Statistics test. BLEH. Pictures of the horrible Byu vs. Utah game coming soon. 


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